Congratulations-UNINN 2019 WELCOME PARTY well done!

Posted on October 15, 2019 in: Events

Posted by: uninn student accommodation

WELCOME to Join UNINN Big family! From 11/10/2019-14/10/2019, different accommodations welcomed our tenants in different ways. Let's see what happened in our 2019 WELCOME PARTY!  


Varies FOOD—Taste GOOD


Our parties started from 5 pm and food were ready in a separate time. Whatever the KFC, Pizza, snakes, bubble Tea or dessert, we always know what our tenants like.


Interesting activities—Have FUN

UNINN Mugs, join our party, you will get one.

Let's start a game of Table soccer, a Finger-guessing game, interesting quiz, and even an impressive DJ LIVE! You cannot imagine how they enjoy it!


I know you want to know when will be the next party. I can tell you party will never end in UNINN Student Accommodation. See u next time!



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