Hope you enjoy UNINN Chinese New Year events, thanks for your coming!

Posted on February 11, 2019 in: Latest News

Posted by: UNINN


UNINN Student Accommodation welcomed Chinese New Year! We hold several festival events for our tenants this year. Come and have look what we have done!



☞ Just EAT

Have you ever eaten Chinese Dumplings? 

Besides, we also provided various Chinese snacks sharing with you!

☞ Write "福"(fu)together


Julian Court and The Foundry tenents enjoyed writing “福”(fu),some tenants were writing while others were drawing~


How the “福” looks like...


☞ Enjoy your Bubble Tea

We are sure quite a lot of tenants like bubble tea, and so do I~

 ☞ Lucky Draw


Besides, Austin invited tenants to snatch the Wechat Red Envelope together during the Chinese New Year's Eve~

Hope everyone enjoys Chinese New Year and have a nice 2019!



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